Claire was selected as one of the inaugural Fellows of the innovative new arts entity Project&, headed by President and Artistic Director Jane Saks. As a Fellow from 2014-2018, Claire will create new work in close collaboration with Project& that explores the relationship between language, ritual and music.

Launching publicly in early 2014, Project& is a new arts enterprise that collaborates with artists, innovators and partners across far-reaching fields of expertise and platforms of inquiry on a national and international scale through its three program areas: Fellowships, Global Dialogues and Innovative Studios. We are cultural alchemists creating artistic productions to relocate participants into narratives and experiences often hidden from them, thereby softerning the boundaries between us, enriching our worlds and creating cultural velocity that drives social impact. Through the arts, we strive to be a vital and essential force for social change and engagement in the world.

Visit Project&'s website here.