Chase, Evans, & McPhee Evoke Deep Listening at Pittsburgh’s Warhol Museum / by Claire Chase


(via I Care If You Listen)

On Saturday, March 23, in collaboration with the Carnegie Museum of Art’s 57th triennial Carnegie International, “A Night of Deep Listening” was presented by the Andy Warhol Museum’s prestigious Sound Series. The program brought together the remarkable talents of flutist Claire Chase, trumpeter/composer Peter Evans, and the legendary multi-instrumentalist/composer Joe McPhee to celebrate the late Pauline Oliveros and her defining philosophical performance practice, Deep Listening.

The concert was an extension of a multi-faceted installation by artist Josiah McElheny with curators John Corbett and Jim Dempsey entitled Dusty Groove II: Space is a Diamond, which was on display as part of the International in the Carnegie Museum’s Ailsa Mellon Bruce Galleries. Described in the International’s pocket guide as three friends who “look at art as intensely as they listen to music,” Dusty Groove II is the third such collaboration between McElheny, Corbett, and Dempsey. Through a display of assorted archival objects, photographs, drawings, and fanciful musical instruments, the trio endeavored to build a crossroads at which the staunch individualism of the “far-out virtuosos” to which their piece paid homage might meet, bringing them together to “affiliate the singular” and mingle their separate paths into something new and transcendent. 

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