Density 2036: part iv (2016)

Edgard Varese: Density 21.5 (1936), with a movement score (2016) by Julie Beauvais (version one)
Claire Chase, flute

Suzanne Farrin: The Stimulus of Loss (2016) for glissando headjoint and ondes martenot
Claire Chase, flute; Suzanne Farrin, ondes martenot

Tyshawn Sorey: Bertha's Lair (2016) for contrabass flute and drums
Claire Chase, contrabass flute; Tyshawn Sorey, drums

Vijay Iyer: Flute Goals (2016) for tape

Edgard Varese: Density 21.5 (1936)
Suzanne Farrin, ondes martenot

Pauchi Sasaki: Gama XV: Piece for Two Speaker Dresses (2016) for Flute, Violin, Electronic Live Processing, 2 Vocals and 2 Speaker Dresses
Claire Chase, flutes/vocals/speaker dress; Pauchi Sasaki: violin/electronics/vocals/speaker dress

Richard Beaudoin: Another Woman of Another Kind: seven stories for flute and eight voices on texts by Paul Griffiths (2016)
Claire Chase, flute; Brad wells, conductor; Roomful of Teeth

Density 2036 part iv (2016) is dedicated to the loving memory of Pauline Oliveros (1932-2016).

The flutist, new-music pioneer, and MacArthur Fellow Claire Chase, described by The New Yorker as “the young star of the modern flute,” returns to The Kitchen for Density 2036: part iv (2016), the most recent iteration of her ambitious 23-year project. This year’s lineup, featuring world premieres by Vijay IyerPauchi SasakiTyshawn SoreySuzanne Farrin, and Richard Beaudoin, investigates the flute in dialogue with other forces: ondes martenot, drum set, small choir (with settings of new poems by Paul Griffiths), electronics, and an interactive dress constructed of pipes and speakers. Even Varèse’s 1936 solo masterpiece, Density 21.5, is presented this year in a duo version created with the Swiss artist Julie Beauvais.