Banff 2019

Claire Chase and Steven Schick, co-artistic directors of Ensemble Evolution

Claire Chase and Steven Schick, co-artistic directors of Ensemble Evolution

Ensemble Evolution at Banff Centre for Arts & Creativity

Under the artistic direction of Claire Chase and Steven Schick, Ensemble Evolution is a three-week intensive program for emerging musicians seeking to explore the evolving range and depth of ensemble playing in the early 21st century. 

Through workshops, performances, collaboration with faculty on newly commissioned works, and group conversation, participants will engage in a holistic approach to making music, building community, and imagining pathways forward for the future of the ensemble. The ensemble faculty is anchored by International Contemporary Ensemble, the organization Chase founded in 2001. The composition faculty includes internationally renowned composers George Lewis, Liza Lim, Alvin Lucier and Miya Masaoka, and the improvisation faculty includes luminaries Matana Roberts, Peter Evans, Mazz Swift, Levy Lorenzo, Wifrido Terrazas and Cory Smythe. Ensemble Evolution also welcomes Rania El Mugammar as a conversation partner who will guide discussions and workshops around equity and social responsibility in the music field.

As a part of Ensemble Evolution’s ongoing commitment to the creation of new repertory for a new generation, 2019 Banff Centre-commissioned works by Alvin Lucier, Miya Masaoka and Yvette Janine Jackson will premiere this summer in Banff in side-by-side performances with faculty, participants and guest artists.

Over the course of the program, participants will take increasing responsibility for programming, rehearsing, and producing the concerts, resulting in a participant-driven day of performances at the culmination of the program. Ensemble Evolution prepares the 21st century musician by promoting artistic excellence, seeding collaboration, fostering social consciousness and exploring new modes of community-building through music.